My First Startup

This is more than just a startup to me. This is what gives me a reason to exist. This is the reason today this very blog exist. Parents give you life, but to know the meaning of life, you have to be a parent. And building GetSetGig is no less than parenting for me. That is why I call my startup, my baby.

GetSetGig is not something that appeared out of blue, it has evolved with time. When in college, I took a leap and started ‘Modern Melody’, a group of musicians from same college forming a group/band to become something. But I had a different plan in mind. I started heading this group to form an organization. At this point, the concept was very simple, “To promote upcoming talent”. And two and half years later, the bottom line remains the same.

As the time passed, We figured out the pain points of musicians, pain points of those who want to hire musicians, and I saw a business opportunity. My elder brother supported and helped me to officially start this startup which provides Music as a service.

Now, we define GetSetGig as an exciting new startup that ensures that you get the most relevant and talented musicians for your event. We have a rapid growing number of bands and musicians associating with us ranging from all genres from Ghazal to Metal. We understand your event and we bring the best suited musicians/bands for you and make sure the gig is more than what you expect it to be.

Vision for GetSetGig is to be a brand in Music and build a community of Musicians,their fans and Music-lovers.

Just as any parent would have countless stories to tell about his/her child, I have got them too. Rebranding from Modern Melody to GetSetGig is ofcourse one of them. Watch out for this space for more stories on GetSetGig.

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