Thing about Music

Why does music exist? For that matter, why does sound exist? Science says, Sound does not travel through vacuum, it needs a medium. Is that really true? Have we ever thought about it?

The thing that amazes me is how a mother comforts her child by singing a lullaby. The question is why and how the baby understands the music of a lullaby? I think the music comes within us. When a baby in mother’s womb, develops ears, it only listens. I guess that is how it understands and knows if the person is known or not. So its not the lullaby that comforts, but the sound, the voice of mother, that comforts the child.

We all sing, we all love music. Our tastes may be different, but we all love the sound. Music tastes tell a lot about personality. Now I am not sure how, I am curious too. May be I will research on this and share. One thing that I have noticed, that some music sometimes makes no sense, but after some days or years, or may be when your life is in a different situation, the same music becomes your favorite track. That is why I don’t think Music tastes define your personality, but it just expresses certain feelings or emotions that may or may not be yours.

So, there it is, music exist to make us feel. Feel the lullaby, feel the love, feel the peace, feel the revolution, feel the motivation. Music helps us to feel. Sound is a bigger version of music. If you are enthusiast enough, you find music in all kinds of sounds. My interpretation is:
# Sound has Music.
# Music is nothing but expressions.
# Sound travels and becomes music only when the medium of ‘Expressions’ is present.

Confusing, is it?

Well, to sum it up, don’t find the sound in music, try finding the expression of the music. That is when Sound becomes Music because you have that medium.

Keep rocking!

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