Hi everyone.

The cover photo is kickass, right? Thanks to Amit Bang.

Welcome you to my personal blog website. I have been struggling for long to get a perfect one up. And I think my search ends here. Finally learned how to use wordpress!

Anyway, Thank You all for visiting my website and I promise to give you something really good to read.

Here’s how you can navigate through my website.

  1. The blog posts are arranged on the home page according to their post date. You can see the recent ones first and so on.
  2. You can browse the blog using categories too. I have explained the categories below.

“Straight Talks” are the blog posts that come through my experiences. Some facts and true stories that I have learnt. Check this out HERE.

“Candid Diaries” is an outlet to my thoughts. Random opinions or philosophies that I myself derive, which may or may not be true. Check this category HERE.

“My First Startup” is my attempt to tell stories of building GetSetGig, My first startup. Find it HERE.

Hope to see you here more often, leave comments so that I can know if you are enjoying the blog.

So,Get Set Read!

Thank You

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