Tribute To Teachers

Teacher’s day is no different than ‘Guru Purnima’. India has been celebrating the existence of Guru, The Teacher, since centuries and they are still valued and respected. On every Guru Purnima or Teacher’s Day, a quote of Guru Nanak crosses my mind, “Guru wahi, Jo sahib se milaye”. Roughly translated, “The one who connects you to the almighty, is the real Guru(Teacher)”

When we were kids, we thought that whatever teacher tells us is the ultimate truth. We prove our parents wrong sometimes by using the argument, “That’s what my teacher taught me, and that is why it’s correct!” And if I stop and try to remember the names of my KG teachers, I just cannot catch a break. Does that happen with you too? Do you remember the name of the first teacher of your life?

The first teachers of our life, they are lost somewhere in this world. The least we can do is, make our life meaningful and become ‘good children’ as they thought we would become.

We may have forgotten your name, we may have forgotten how you looked like, we also may have forgotten what you taught us. But we are still trying to learn the one thing which was introduced to us by you and we haven’t yet mastered it yet, that is, Being as great as you.

To all the nursery and KG teachers, this is my tribute to you. You are doing a great job and we cannot Thank You enough.

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