5 Things You Need To Pursue Your Dream

“I have a dream…”, yes, you are right, these are the famous words said by Martin Luther King Jr in 1963. The only reason this speech became so popular is because every living person says to himself one day “I have a dream..” and King just stroked the right chord to lay the agenda of Civil Rights.

Judging a person by the content of their character and not by color of their skin was a dream of every black person living in the United States, but today, that dream is called as Martin Luther King’s dream. Why? Its simple, because Martin Luther King went ahead to make this dream a reality.

We all understand and realize that dreams are our identity, they are the purpose of life, and they make us what we are. But unfortunately, many of us fail to realize their dream. Worse than that, some realize their dream but fail to pursue it.

Here are 5 simple, common but yet difficult to achieve things you need if you want to pursue your dream.

1. Dare
Dare to walk between mountains.

No, you don’t have to walk on a rope between mountains, unless that is your dream. But having the courage same as doing that is just good enough to pursue your dream. If you have this courage, nothing in this world can ever stop you from achieving your goals.

2. Zest

Zest - Energy and Enthusiasm

Pursuing a dream is like climbing a mountain every day. And the mountain is going to get higher every time. You need to keep up the energy and enthusiasm every single day. The challenge is not to ever let this zest come down. If it does, you will have to start all over again.

3. Don’t Give Up


No, you just cannot back down if you ever want to make your dreams come true. Failures are a good thing. Embrace them. Learn from them. And now, climb again!

4. Enough, now START!


I always believe in ‘doing’ than thinking. The world remembers the one who did, not the one who thought. If you have a dream, wake up and start walking towards it. Don’t Hesitate. If its not now, its going to be never. Imagine a world where Mark Zuckerberg questioned himself, “Shall I make facebook open for all? What if the brothers at harvard sue me? I should not do anything stupid” and then kept facebook to himself.
Do you think if he had done that he would still be the youngest richest man on earth? So Friends, Get Started, NOW!

5. Dream BIG. Dream STUPID!


Life is too short to just be happy with small and normal dreams. If at all you are following the above points, why do it for small goals, set off big goals and take a leap. The word STUPID is a compliment when you are pursuing a dream. Remember that. In fact, dreams are called dreams because they are stupid. So be crazy, go crazy, follow your stupid dream!

I have started off to make my dreams come true, and believe me, life from here is just AWESOME! So Find your dream and make it happen.

PS : I will write another blog on How to find your dream soon. Stay in touch, Subscribe and Comment.

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