Positiveness Is Contagious

It was a breakfast break on the first day of SLP(Startup Leadership Program) 2015-16 Mumbai chapter. SLP is is a highly selective, 6 -month world-class education and mentoring program and lifelong network for founders and innovators. I am really lucky and blessed to be a part of it. I was just talking to other fellow and i see a tall and handsome man wearing a simple white shirt and a red sweater enters the room. We were already told that he is the keynote speaker of today’s inaugural session. He is Dr. Velumani, Founder of Throcare. Little did we know the next 3 hours were going to change our perspective forever.

He starts his speech after the break with very soft pitch. It just looked like Sachin Tendulkar playing first over to know the pitch conditions. While walking us through journey of his life, he taught us lessons that he learnt. He had lot of philosophies that he shared with us. They were all so direct and true. He made it simple and digestible with his way of telling and his humor.

“Get Tempted or Get Successful”


It was really awesome to notice that everything he spoke, had “Two things”. They were all choices. Choices that make our life what it is. Interesting thing was that every choice case had one choice that will take you down and other choice that will lead us to our dreams. Unfortunately, most of us opt for the choice that take us down and we don’t even realize it.

Of all the choice cases that he mentioned, one that will always stick with me and I personally think its very important is, “Get Tempted or Get Successful”. When you are chasing your dream, there is no room for temptation of any kind. You cannot achieve success if you walk on bed of roses. As it was recently demonstrated on TVF Pitchers, success is not in your comfort zone.

We all know this philosophy. In fact all the philosophies mentioned by Dr. Velumani are known to us. What is required is to act upon it. Where do we start?



I can say for all SLP fellows that witnessed Dr. Velumani speaking, it surely ignited a spark in us. Dr. Velumani was born to landless farmer. He had no legacy. Today his company is valued more than 2000 crores. Why? If you ever meet him, you will agree with me, its his focus that brought him where he is today. That is why he tells us, SBADMK

SB – Seedha Baitho

AD – Apna Dekho

MK – Mehnat Karo

Positiveness Is Contagious

So, basically you have a seat in a train. You know where the train is going. You know how the route is. But the train needs a green signal to leave if you want to get to the destination. And that green signal is positiveness.

This man, Dr. Velumani, is an extreme positive person. You can literally get energized just by watching him talk. No doubt, he is called the Rajnikant of Healthcare Industry. The positive attitude he has is like the ‘Brahmastra’, nothing can defeat it. He is a living example of a quote, “Itna kabil bano, ki khud khuda puche ki yeh banda kaun hai” (Nurture that level of positiveness and capability in yourself, even god will ask you “how did you do it”!


Somewhere, his talk has energized us, his energy has lifted us and his positive attitude has guided us. Everything in those 3 hours was contagious. This was just a perfect start to the awesome 6 month journey we have embarked upon.

3 thoughts on “Positiveness Is Contagious

  1. I would be interested to join your program if your adding more members to it.
    I have 15+ years experience in diagnostic space and business development and sales is my area of expertise.
    Kindly do let me know.

    Hrishikesh Pagare


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