Be Shameless, Damn it!

It was a patent sentence of my parents when they used to scold me when I was little, “Nirlajjam Sada Sukhi”. I felt bad enough that my parents had to say that again and again, but the worst thing was I never understood what it meant. The tone which my mom used was sarcastic. So I interpreted that it meant shameless guy is “never” happy.

Then my height started shooting up. I started making friends, and was doing well in school. School teaches you lot of things, more than the text books offer. I saw 3 kinds of people in school.
1) Teacher ke dulaare
2) Recess ke dulaare
3) Khud ke dulaare.

First kind of kids were the top rank holders, second category were the middle rank holders, and third kind of student were the ones who were not good at studies but surprisingly they were all good at sports! Everyone was happy in school no matter which kind of dulaare the kid belonged to. So I was confused, who is nirlajjam here? Thats when I again interpreted that meaning of the phrase would be that nirlajjam is happy because he hurts others  and/or does not care about others. May be its a phrase that defines a character.

This interpretation stayed with me for a while till I started running a startup. Nirlajjam sada sukhi is not a sarcasm, nor it is a character sketch. Its just a simple philosophy. If you shy away, you loose an opportunity, you miss to take the road to success, and that’s how you end up not being satisfied which is a state of unhappiness. Be shameless, seal the opportunity, score your goal, be satisfied and you are happy at the end of the day.

Ask questions, talk to strangers, learn about things you don’t know, do things you never thought you would do, don’t care what people are thinking about you, dance in the middle of the mall, sing in the bathroom so loudly that whole society hears you, smile at a random stranger in the train, don’t stay back, do anything you want to do and be shameless, damn it!

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