5 Reasons Why We Changed Our Startup’s Name

Why Ray Ban shades are so expensive?” I asked my friend. He looked at me with a grin and said, “Naam hai bhai, Naam. Goggles pe ‘Ray Ban’ likhne ke liye company itna charge karti hai.” He was right. Everything is in the name. Startups go under a lot of changes. They change their business model, revenue model, sometimes they pivot the whole business and sometimes they change their names too.

Did you know Zomato was earlier known as Foodiebay?
Did you know Snapchat was launched first as Picaboo?

You get it. right?
But, Did you know GetSetGig started out as Modern Melody? Yes, and here’s why we re-branded.

1. Modern Melody created a ‘not-so-correct’ perception about us

Modern Melody was perceived as a name of a band. People thought we were a band. And when we told them that we are a startup, they got confused. Then they asked, “So why did you form a band?” So we had to add, “We are not a band, but a startup!” Somehow we felt that Modern Melody does not resonate with what we want to do. We were spending more energy in letting people know what we are not rather than telling what we are and what we can do. This was the driving reason why we considered to change the name of our startup.

Lesson Learnt : A name should either give your customer an idea of the experience or what the startup is into or both. We chose both. We organize gigs, so gig had to be there in the name. We want to give the experience of promptness and how fast and quickly a gig can be organized, hence, GetSetGig.

2. We had discovered a Tongue Twister!

Sometimes, even I used to fumble while using Modern Melody in a long sentence. Its an embarrassment when that happens in front of a client. We don’t know why but for some reason, lot of people remembered us as “Music Melody”. We learnt that our name is not something that our customers can remember easily. Its a difficult word and probably that is why we were not able to make impressions in their head.

Lesson Learnt : Always always and always, keep it simple. Simplicity attracts everyone. The name should be easy to pronounce. If they can pronounce it right, they can remember us. GetSetGig reminds everybody of ‘Get Set Go’,its simple and pronounceable. 

3. The name did not stand out
The name was not unique to stand out. We found there was an orchestra named Music Melody. We also found a music class named Me Melody. Modern was the bread brand, Melody was the chocolate brand. We did not even get the .com domain. It was hard to come up on google search by this name. And that is why we wanted to change to a name that is unique.

Lesson Learnt : If nobody sees you on google’s first page, you don’t exist. And to be there, you need to have a .com domain. Nothing beats you if you have a .com domain. And to have a .com domain, you need to have a name that no one else has. Here is where you get creative. So we ended up with www.getsetgig.com

4. It wasn’t cool enough
No one went ‘woah’ after hearing Modern Melody. There was no wow factor to the name. There was nothing in the name that we can ask them to remember us. It just wasn’t cool enough for a name of a startup that is in a cool space like Music.

Lesson Learnt : You have to be smart and witty to be cool. What better way than some pun. GetSetGig, you see what we did there. Cool, isn’t it?

5. Mo-Der-N-Me-Lo-Dy!

6 syllables! That’s too long, isn’t it? My colleague, Nishok pointed out to me that any successful brand would not have more than 3 syllables in its name. Our brain cannot remember a word more than 3 syllables. Well actually, it can, but then the brain has to be bombarded with the long word again and again to remember it. We wanted our customers or audience to remember us the first time they see us. This indeed was the triggering reason to change our name.

Lesson Learnt : “Minimum is Maximum”. Re-branding taught us that and now the whole startup is being built on this single principle. No more than 3 syllables. Face-book, am-ae-zon, Fe-ra-ri, Goo-gle. See, no more than 3 syllable. Hence. Get-Set-Gig.

This is how GetSetGig was born. There is no right or wrong in startup world. I learnt that the ability to improvise whenever needed is the survival key. Though I came up with the name Modern Melody, I had to let go of the attachment. And I think many such instances will come ahead in this journey and I will have to do what I have to do keeping all attachments and emotions aside. The way GetSetGig is going ahead and making impressions, I am sure we made the right decision (or at least we think so).


Watch out this space to know about the team that runs GetSetGig. Coming soon.

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