A Much Needed Break

Entrepreneurship is all about growth. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But when you step into this ‘trap’, the universe pulls you down. And now, the battle is not just about growth but to sustain and grow. Sometimes, sustenance takes all our energy, let alone the thought of growth. The point being, the world is a rough place for entrepreneurs. Days and months pass by and we don’t even realize it. And hence, one thing that sustaining/growing entrepreneurs miss on is Vacation.

Startup Leadership Program knows this very well. So they arranged a weekend getaway for this cohort of 24 entrepreneurs. In a nutshell, we did a lot of adventure activities, team building activities, personality testing games, camp fire, music, barbecue, swimming in river, rain dance, late night chats, lots of lemonade and immeasurable amount of discussions and debates. But I don’t want this blog to be about that. Its about what did I take away from it.

I realized that taking a time-out is necessary. I thought hanging out with friends or watching movies was a good time-out. But its a different story when you go to a secluded place and just relax. It was the first time in years I spent 24 hours without looking at cell phone.

Being a part of such a cohort where everyone is going through more or less the same challenges and moving towards similar goals has been a very rich experience for me. Every time I meet these guys, I realize how little I know. More than fun experience, it has been a learning experience for me.

Learning never ends. You think you know, but there is a lot you don’t know. And I learned that you cannot learn alone!

It was after 2 and half years I took a break. Thank You SLP, it was a much needed break for me. I have made a promise to myself that I will go on such short getaways a little more frequently than once in two years! (Let’s see how that works out.)

Your startup can run without you for a weekend. Go out for a break at least once in quarter.

It was a wonderful place we visited. Call me for a cup of coffee and I will tell all about it 😛

Next post will be up soon with a big update from my side. Stay in touch.

Photo credits : Kunal Dadia, Founder, AutoTranz


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