An Ending Or A Beginning?

Today 2015 comes to an end. But the Earth exists since around 4 billion years. Now, to Earth, its just another round around the Sun. Sometimes I just wonder, why year end is given so much importance? Why is this the most celebrated holiday in the world?

“We should end the year on a high note” is one of the answers I believe. But then what about the rest 364 days? If you are thinking of a high note theory, end every day on a high note, why just wait for the year to end?

I feel there is something missing somewhere.

We are so much blinded by the presence of negativity, that we want to celebrate the end, instead what we should really be doing is celebrating a fresh start. Most of us go to parties, dance, hang out late at night and celebrate the end so much that we miss the first day of a fresh start in a hangover state. And then we start the 2nd day of new year in the same way we spent 363 days of last year.

If so, then what is ‘new’ about the ‘New Year’? And then we say, i made resolutions for new year but then i could not keep them up.

Its because we don’t start right. If you decide to start a new thing on 16th of June, then 17th of June becomes your new year. Start a small thing, implement that for 21 days and you develop a habit. Then start one more small thing till that becomes a habit. And keep these 2 habits throughout the year. Now, this will be something ‘new’ in the year. Don’t you agree?

A whole year is a big significant time. It forces us to introspect and see where we were at this time last year. In a year, we all go through good times and bad phases, we all make new friends as well as lose some friends, we all achieve somethings and also let go of many things. But one thing always remains constant, and that is the 1st of Jan. No matter what, 1st of Jan will always come again, and we will have an opportunity to start again.

Celebrate the beginning my friends, not the ending. Start small, dream big, do wonders.

Wish You All A Very Happy New Year 2016!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.



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