The Doppler’s Effect

Yes, it sounds like ‘Science’ and you know what, it is!

Christian Doppler was an Austrian physicist. He discovered one of the most important principle known to mankind called The Doppler Effect. When I was little I was amazed how scientist used to discover something and put their name on it and then as a grown up I wanted to discover something and call it, The Nalgirkar!

Anyway, so what is this Doppler Effect?

Have you ever wondered how the whistle of a fast running train changes its pitch as it passes by you? The pitch continuously increases when its nearing and drops suddenly when its past you. Yes? That’s what is called The Doppler’s Effect.

The Apparent change in the frequency of a wave for an observer moving relative to the source of it.

I am sure some of the readers have already left this page and the rest are wondering why suddenly I am turning into a physics professor. Physics as a subject was and will always be my favorite subject to learn, but lets not talk physics now. Let’s talk about The Doppler’s Effect.

It says that when a source of waves moves towards you, you are hit by the waves more often(high frequency) in contrast to when it moves away, you are hit by waves with big gaps(low frequency)music1

The image makes more sense, right? I used the train but the image used an ambulance, I hope you don’t mind that!

Okay, so now you know what is Doppler’s Effect. Now lets do what I do:
Change The Perspective.

Step 1 : Now lets focus on the human figures at both sides of the ambulance. Both guys are getting hit by these waves, one more frequently, other less frequently. In the illustration, its assumed that human receive this waves and understand it through their ears. In simple words, Doppler’s Effect is of the sound waves. The right hand side guy hears high pitch whereas the left hand side guy hears low pitch.

Step 2 : So as sound waves hit, we can experience or witness the effect as pitch. What I am trying to say is that these waves hit and then there is an effect that we can witness. If it was light, we would see the change in the color of the light.

Step 3 : Now replace the source of sound with ‘some positive person’. And replace the waves with thoughts and experiences.

Step 4 : Imagine if you were the right hand side guy, getting hit by positive thoughts and experiences again and again, do I need to tell you what will be the effect of it on your thoughts, professional as well as personal life?

Step 5 : Decide.Do you want to be the right hand side guy or left hand side guy?

Step 6 : Find a way to be around positive source and stay blessed.

That positive source need not be an actual someone, its upon you who and what you consider positive. For me, it has always been the almighty, the greatest artist of all, the creator of the universe.

Moral of the story : The thoughts you reciprocate, are Doppler’s Effect from the source that it originates from.

Simple, right?

Let me know what you feel about it.

Stay Blessed.

Souces where you can learn more about Doppler Effect :




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