3 Things I Learnt In 3 Years From Startup

I wanted to start this post with a quote of a famous entrepreneur and catch attention, but somehow I cannot find a very ‘clicking’ quote. I think the reason is that quotes are for motivation, and when you move beyond motivation and do actions, your actions become your motivation.

GetSetGig completes 3 years of inception today on 26th January 2016. Everyday, every incident, every guy I met, everything has led up to what I am today and I am not the same person I was 3 years ago. Out of many things that I learnt after starting a startup, I would love to highlight 3 things that shape me as a person today.

1. Everything Can Be Learnt

I knew nothing about business when I stepped out to start a startup. I did not even know its a startup that I am starting. Today I take part in a sophisticated discussions of business strategies using big terms and I also know what they mean. I realized the more knowledge you gain, the more knowledge you see you don’t have. It is an endless sea. But the good news, every knowledge is gain-able, only you should have the will to learn. Its an awesome feeling when you learn a new thing.

2. People Are Nice

I remember a poem we had in school, it had this line, “Treat everyone nicely to be treated nicely”. I have seen the practical side of it. If you do good to everyone, everyone will do good for you. If you think of some people who have been not good to you, think back and I am sure there is a reason behind it and it was because you weren’t good to them. Believe me, world is full of nice people, trust them and do good. Society is nothing but a mirror. Its a reflection of what we are. Clean ourselves and you will see the society changing.

3. Some Things Are Hard, You Have To Do It Anyway

When you start to chase your dream, you always focus on the end goal. What we miss to foresee are the things we have to let go to achieve it. Sometimes friends, sometimes employees, sometimes it may be family, sometimes it may even be your own passion. These things are hard to let go. It eats you up. But you have to do it, because one day it will all make sense.

Being an entrepreneur is easy. Staying an entrepreneur is where the challenge is. What I love about this job is every night when you go to bed, you have learnt something new. I don’t know if GetSetGig will achieve its vision, but building it, I have learnt a lot of things which I doubt i would have if I was not an entrepreneur.

Learn on people. Life is short.

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