Silver Jubilee

There was a time, when I used to get up in June everyday with excitement, which increased as the days passed, counting down to the day of my birth. I don’t know why I used to do that. May be it was cute, but today, I find it stupid. I enjoyed calling my friends over for my birthday, cutting cake, having chips and samosa and playing games with them. Today, I hide my birthdate from all the social media sites so that I avoid getting wishes. Best part of the birthday is when my mother makes all my favourite food, then there is sweets and gifts from parents. Last birthday, I did not even see them. So much has changed in 25 years, Why?

Once, on my 14th birthday, I called all my friends in my colony for my birthday party. I was excited. I asked my mother to make Pav Bhaji, my favourite. I was all cleaned up, I wore new clothes and I was all ready to have a blast. I remember, in the morning, I counted that I had invited 26 friends over. I was also planning which games to play, what everyone will do and all the stuff that a 14 year excited child does. 

Just 1 friend showed up for the party. Me, him and my parents waited for hours, but no one came. I cut the cake with just 3 people around and I kind of sweared, I will never celebrate my birthday ever.

Experience is a bitter teacher, it gives you the test first and lesson later. The lessons may be bitter at first, but later on, it all makes sense. It shapes you for your life.

Why am I writing this today suddenly? I am about to complete 25 years of my life. Just started to wonder if I have made full use of it or is my life just starting now? 

Shivaji, when he was 25, had already established the roots of Hindavi Swaraj. Sachin, was already the nation’s heartthrob by 25. Einstein was working on his thesis that made him known world wide by the age of 25. A R Rahman just became known all over India for his work in Bombay Movie when he was 25.  

Definitely, I did not make full use of 25 years. But then again, what did my 14th birthday teach me? Instead of cribbing over the 25 who did not show up, you grow up. 

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