8 Things That Bother You If You Are 25

I always wanted to be an adult. But now when I have turned 25, I realise, this place sucks!

1. Your friends are getting engaged/married or thinking of marriage

I mean, why? What’s the rush? Who will I hang out with now? And what’s with every other elder asking “Beta shaadi kab kar rahe ho?” We just want independence. Inquilab Jindabaad !

2. Big dreams, big wish lists, but no money

There are some things that money can’t buy. But we don’t need them now. We need everything that money can buy. We have just started earning, so we just have enough savings. May be after couple of years more, we will be able to buy what we want.

3. “I hate politics” to “Boss, I have seen Ramesh always loitering around in the lobby”

We used to hate politics as a child, a dirty game that we thought we’d be never part of. Now, you know there’s no other way than politics if you want your salary hike/promotion early.

4.  Education, why did we even bother about it?

Yeah, you realise that everything you learnt in school & college was a big waste of time, money and energy. You are now starting to meet people from different walks of life and learning at a 100x rate that you ever did in school.

5. You now have different tastes, likes and dislikes

Now you are becoming old. You are maturing. But at this point of time, you are half matured. It’s a very confusing place to be in. For eg. you now watch news on TV, but you also stop to watch Tom and Jerry!

6. You have distanced with many of your past close friends.

That’s a bummer! You are friends with them on Facebook but you don’t have anything to talk. And get this, most of them are abroad.

7. Believers, Protestants and Me !

With no intention of hurting religious sentiments, we are stuck between our parents/friends who say, “Beta hamara bada naam karega” and our boss/colleagues who criticise, “Tumse na ho payega”.

8. Plan is all we need

Now that we have a first hand experience of life, we think that a perfect plan, is all we need to achieve our goals by the time I turn 30.

We all know that no plan is full proof, and we also have understood that whatever your age is, the times you spend, are never gonna come back. There’s one thing that we have learnt, every moment is precious, we do our best to live it to the fullest and look back with no regrets.

One thought on “8 Things That Bother You If You Are 25

  1. Every moment is precious & we do our best to live it to the fullest & look back with no regrets.
    Very nicely said sahaj.all the best


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