Aftermath Of Indian Festivals

I am not the first one to highlight this issue. Every year, after big festivals like Ganesh Chaturti or Navratri, we all find people rising and convincing us to not to litter around. But year on year we see the garbage pile up. Through this post I would want to highlight some points that I think is important for everyone to understand.

1. Indian Festivals

The purpose of Indian Festivals is to cleanse ourselves. I don’t know how much of that is done but we sure adulterate the nature. Dashera is known for the killing of Ravana or killing of Mahishasura. I bet half the people dancing in those all night long garba don’t know the symbolism of that. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all create a modern day Ravana/ Mahishasura who is today called ‘Plastic’. No matter how destructive a weapon was, it could not kill Ravana. He was ‘Non-disposable’ just like Plastic. I think we should all take a step back and answer the question, are we killing the rakshasas or creating one?

2. Concept of God

In the name of God, do we really know what worshiping God is? We all think by keeping ourselves awake, by wearing colours, by starving ourselves, by building/buying big idols or by showing off the grandness of the arrangement God showers his blessings? If you have this concept of God, it’s better to be an atheist. God does not care about this, he is beyond materialism.  Hundreds of crores of rupees are wasted in celebrating such festivals. What if we all put this money in helping those in need? God does not resides in idols, he can only be worshipped through Love. Bible says, “Love thy neighbour as thyself, for there is no greater commandment than these.” If you have no Love for others, celebrating festivals is just a waste.

3. Political Agenda

There used to be a time when festivals symbolised a gathering of people who helped each other get through difficult times of thundering rains or shivering winters. Mass festivals, in other words had social importance. Today, these festivals are status symbols. Political parties use these agendas to show off their prosperity to get more votes. We all become a part of it and then we ourselves raise the question, what did they do for the people? How about if we make them spend the money for education of under privileged children, funding for a better quality schools and teachers, creating jobs for those who need, training of skills for those who cannot afford, all instead of firing hundreds of fireworks? I know its easier said than done, but this is democracy. I for same reason have not attended any of these festivals, if we all do this, I am sure this can lead somewhere.

4. Aftermath

As in the cover photo which I took from my phone on the morning after Dashera, a big pile of ‘Rakshashas’ are seen everywhere. It is an irony that on the day when we are supposed to kill Ravana, we all created one. It aches me that people celebrate these festival without understanding the principle behind it. I wonder if God is ignoring our mistakes or counting them. Let’s act on it before it’s too late. I am doing all I can but it won’t be effective until we all act on it. Diwali is coming up, and I pledge to not to pollute the nature, for nature itself is God. Are you all with me?

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