That Smile

So much has been said on smile, yet I always find it amusing how one smile can make you happy. Some thoughts on smiles of people who we see everyday and how their smiles make us fall in love with them. 

Always keeps us warm

Like there’s nothing wrong

Gives a hope of a new dawn

That Smile of Mom

It can never be sad

When he is nothing but glad

Never ever try to miss

That Smile of Dad

Like a book without an end

The relationship tends to augment

No one ever tries to cease

That Smile of a Friend

Sends you to a world another

where the light is much much brighter

Urges your soul to rediscover

That Smile of lover

When luxury becomes rarer

The struggle becomes greater

More valueable than a millionaire

That Smile of a poor

You may be going from place to place

Everything started from that pencil case

Brings out joy and negates the stress

That Smile on your face
– Sahaj Nalgirkar

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