Hold On..

One moment we are flying on this cloud of dreams and when it bursts the next moment we all question our very own existence. You and I are humans, we are bound to fluctuate between happy moments and rather disappointing moments in life, sometimes even during the day. In fact it would really suck if there are no fluctuations in life, there will be no story to tell, right?

It’s a very cliche statement to say that everything happens for a reason, but it is actually true. Think of the experiences you have had, it has made you what you are today, and you gotta love yourself what you are today. The catch here although is to hold on to opportunities like an eagle holds it’s prey. When your eyes are on bigger goals, sometimes it blurs out because of the only reason of unprecedented factors that act as hurdles. You have to keep in mind that there will also be some unforeseen factors that will act as accelerator to reach your goals. The trick here is to just, hold on.


Hold on..


Hold on to the ground because

it will give you direction


Hold on to your faith because

it will give you conviction


Hold on to your path because

better is yet come


Hold on to your belief because

it will lead you to the truth


Hold on to yourself so that

you don’t get lost


Hold on to things that matterĀ 

they won’t come back again


even if you don’t want to sometimes

its better to just, hold on


– Sahaj Nalgirkar

























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